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Scruffy Dog Productions specializes in Training/documentation videos for construction builds. Professional video of infrastructure training on all aspects of the project.
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  1. "Imagine"
  2. G & G Risk Management
  3. Liberty Diver Taylor Hornberger, Brentwood Press Athlete of the Week
  4. John Marsh House Project
A fund raising video production for a local library foundation.  Using the concept of "Imagine" what will happen when the new library is built.  The video is being used at fund raising events and small group gatherings to promote the foundations efforts.
Using existing photos, local talent, (he works for the client), and stock photos and locally produced content and we have a nice clean image spot for a construction support business
Local "news package" highlighting a high school athlete.  This was produced in conjunction with my after school program, "Real World Project" I began with the local high school's video class.  I asked seniors in the class to intern after school with me on various projects.
Another foundation needed a video for fund raising and awareness, using photos, older format video, new footage, and local talent from the organization for voice and on camera sections. 
       It starts with an idea, yours, a friends, something you read or heard, but a story to be shared, a message you want others to hear and see.
       It ends with a profesional production that reaches your audience.
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