Professional ​​​Video Production

Who is "Scruffy Dog"?

Named for our little King Charles Spaniel mix dog "Dixie". She has since passed on but her memory and likeness lives on forever on the internet With Scruffy Dog Productions
  1. Dixie
  2. Muad Dib
  3. Jenni

Tom C. "Scruffy" Cusack
Owner - Operator

  • Over 30 years in the Broadcast and Cable Industry, from public access days to overseeing a regional cable channel
  • Running his own small production business out of his home office for over 20 years 
  • Solid production foundation with a degree in Broadcasting from San Francisco State University
  • Equipment knowledge from vintage reel to reel video and 3/4 inch to HD - 3 tube to 3 chip to CMOS  and DSLR cameras
  • Started with crash editing between two decks to control track and time code editing - Now posting with Final Cut Pro
  • link to my YouTube Channel:

Some of my gear at this time

When starting out I had many cameras and multiple "black boxes" and field kits.  I have now paired it down to a few cameras and simple equipment that gives me a chance to bring a high production value to a shoot.
I​​​'m currently using Final Cut Pro as my post/editing software package with a few nice plugins added from other vendors.
I'm shooting primerally with a Sony HVRZ7U HD camera with a Zeiss zoom lens.  This camera bridges my old Mini DV tape world with new Compact Flash capabilities.  A Nikon L830 fixed lens camera adds the DSLR element to my shoots. I also have and older Sony PD170 DVCam Professional camera and a small Sony TRV840 Digital 8 for transfers.  I own multiple Lowell Light kits and various reflectors and on camera lights as well.  I also have a few "Gel Rolls" of color and correction gels in my grip kit.  Various wired and wireless mics and mixers for audio use, shotguns with boom poles and fuzzy windscreens.  I also have DVD/CD burners, duplicators and some shrink wrap capabilities for distribution, although most finished projects end up on the web in some digital format for distribution now.