Professional ​​​Video Production

Local and Vintage Video Projects

These run the gamut from corporate to hyper-local in content.
  1. Antioch Raceway flat track spot
    Ok, every producer needs to do a "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! spot. Add the voice effects, reverb, EQ, pitch shift and try to fit a 30 second script into 15 seconds...
  2. Smith Family Farm
    Local family farm promotional video sponsored by the regional harvest and farming consortium.
  3. What If
    Regional Safeway Warehouse and supply center asked me to help produce a video for them to highlight the teamwork and employee ownership of their work. Their weekly "huddle" meeting was the foundation for the script. Using all the employees on camera got everyone to have their "5 seconds" of fame.
  4. California Gold Country
    Working with a local golf writer, we went up into the foothills of California for FORE Magazine, a Southern California Monthly to highlight what to do and where to go for some golf, fun, and little bit of Vino.
  5. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog
    I ran into AC Myles in a blues club in Brentwood and found we had common interests, he wanted a new video and I loved his music. Shot this in San Jose on a cold evening in January on the patio of the Poor House Bistro with 3 cameras, two locked down and me roaming with a third. Simple and clean.
  6. Oakley Exec RV Ribbon Cutting
    Covering local events for City, Chamber, Rotary and other organizations in the area give me a chance to meet local people and share their business goals and help promote them at the same time.