Professional ​​​Video Production

Specialty videos and some from the  archives

So many things I learn as I work with various clients.  How each business model functions, the inner workings, how they interact with customer and other business.  I find it all facinating.
  1. Keeping It Real
    The FritoLay Operation in the Central Valley of California wanted an internal video to help promote their team program and showcase the progress they have made implementing it.
  2. Enos Farms
    Harvest Time Organization in the Brentwood agricultural avenue here in East Contra Cost County helps showcase the local farmers and what they bring to the community and local farming. I shot this with my daughter as producer for her first foray into video.
  3. BBQ King Promo
    BBQ, food, fun, messy faces, kids with a gorilla, what's not to like for a local event!
  4. Halo Adoptable Pets
    Kids and animals are always great on screen, so here are some animals up for adoption from the local rescue shelter. We highlighted a few animals every week for a few months and were able to find homes for many of the furry friends you see here.
  5. Key To The Highway
    Had to put another AC Myles video in here for all to see. When you work on music videos, you live with the song for many weeks or months, but I have never tired of listening to him play and sing this song, I just listen and smile all the way through
  6. A Quick 1
    A one minute highlight video of some the many events, commercial spots, special places, special people and various types of projects I have had the pleasure to work on over the years. This was from Cable, Broadcast and Public Access productions as well as community, church and police and fire projects.